Privacy Policy

DailyToys® Privacy Policy

DailyToys® may collect non-sensetive user data for the purposes of gameplay, as well as providing targeted advertising. Also, DailyToys® uses analytics of applications to obtain information that will help make applications better.

How DailyToys® collect your data

The data DailyToys® process on you may include, but is not limited to: device identifiers, Android advertising ID, IP-address.

Ads Services Technology

DailyToys® reserves the right to use and disclose the collected, non-personal data for purposes of advertising.


DailyToys® uses your information to perform its own analytics and to enable analytics provided by third parties. DailyToys® use analytical information for supporting business analysis, business intelligence, product development, improving products, providing advertising. DailyToys® may use third-parties to obtain analytics data.


DailyToys® do not collect sensetive user data. DailyToys® do not sell user data to third parties. DailyToys® do not provide access to personal data to third parties.


The handling of all user data complies with the guidelines outlined at If there are any questions, please contact us through the developer contact link on the Google Play store or use this email:

Last updated: 13.06.2021